Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11 Weeks-Update on Miles Boy Bear

STOP IT Miles.  Stop growing so quick.  So not cool.  Mommy loves you though.

Right now he loves:
His activity gym (He is addicted)
Goodnight Moon
Bumbo (sort of)
Tummy time (sort of, but not really)
Meeting other babies
Morning time 
Bath time (sort of-depends on the day)
Babbling, cooing and laughing
Blowing raspberries

He is eating about 6 oz (give or take) every 3-4 hours and on a size 2 nipple.
He is wearing dead on size 3 months (pants are sometimes too short) or 3-6 months (some 6 months, but the sleeves are too long) but the 0-3's are out the door.  He is wearing a size 2 diaper.

Little bear is LOVING his hands right now and eats them like crazy.  He is also starting to drool a lot.  I'm guessing he could be teething, but even if it started early he could be teething for a while before we even see anything.  So, does this mean we will just be in teething pain land a lot longer?  Hopefully, he just discovered his hands and is soothing himself.
He takes a paci mainly only in his car seat on a drive, but other than that it usually just ticks him off.

He has his first cold right now.  Nothing too terrible (knock on wood) just a lot of congestion.  I am using Saline Spray on him like crazy and running the heck out of his humidifier.

Still mainly sleeping through the night, except the last few nights he's woke up around 2ish/3ish, but I'm thinking his congestion is waking him up. 

We visited Daddy at work so he could show you off.  Here is what you thought of the banking industry:
Mid yawn

Here is you straight chilling in your bumbo.  Regulate comes to mind.  "Just rolling in my ride, chilling all alone".  You said all you are missing is a fly honey around your arm. 
What it do moms?

Fist Pump
Mom, I assume this is the "oh sh#@"  handle?  Kid held on to that link the whole time.

Please ignore daddy's voice and mommy's skanky t-shirt.  HOT

I went to his daycare yesterday to sit in for a few hours with Miles to get a "feel" of the place.  Everything went well and Miles did great around the other babies.  I know the following are complaints from me, and I appreciate why they have them in place, but I also didn't want to add 20 more minutes to my morning.  Enter code to get in building, check in on computer at front desk, before entering infant room slip on hospital scrub shoes, wash my hands, wash Miles hands (that should be fun with a 3 month old), check in on the clipboard once in the room, give them a run down of his morning so far, load stuff up in his cubby and leave little one in the care of strangers.  Also fill out labels of his full name, date and contents on each bottle I bring.  What ever happened to writing Miles on it with a sharpie?  I know, I know, it's for his own good.   I know what I'm complaining about is for his safety, and I LOVE that.  I just have to find something to complain about, right?    

There are 3 girls and 5 boys in his room.  The youngest is a 5 month old, so Miles is the baby.  One of the girls is almost a year so she will be leaving to go to the next room soon.  Good thing because she is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  At least he will get used to loud noises and lots of activity.  His crib is right by where all the cubbies are and the door, and as I type this that kind of bothers me.  He's the latest one to join the infant room, so I can't ask him to be moved around.  Oh, get over it Julie.

Please send good vibes, prayers, what have you for me as I go back to work on November 28th.  I have a feeling it is going to be bad as I cried the other day when I took him to daycare just to sit in the room to observe.   Sure wish it was 1950 and a family could make it on one salary.

Without the heels though. 

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