Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 month well visit & Halloween

Miles had his 2 month well visit yesterday, along with some fun shots. He weighs 12.4 lbs (80 percentile), and 23.5 in length (75 percentile). His head circumfrence is 15.7 in.  He is doing great and loves to flirt with the nurses already.
Hi Dr. Kirshner

So happy to be 2 months old!

Mom-See where Dad cut my skin while clipping my nails?  At least it wasn't on Mom's watch. 

I call this, "Judging Mom"

For Halloween, we went to my sisters house on Garner Street to watch all of the craziness of Halloween in Springfield.  At least I had a sheriff to keep things in order.  Here are some pics from the fun night!
With my cousin Laura Beth

I tip my hat to a lady.  Of course, later, Dad said he needs to edit out his thumb.  Gutter husband.
Over it. 

I'm the law around these parts...are we sick of the sheriff liners yet?

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  1. oh how cute is he all dressed up! Thanks so much for joining in on our Tag-Along Thursday blog hop. Em