Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wordless (Kind of) Wednesday-Potato picking

Me (yellow shirt), my sister and my Paw-Paw, Miles Head.  He would LOVE that Miles was named after him if he were still with us.  This is us in the summer helping Paw-Paw pick potatoes.  I look like, well, gross, but I love this pic.  This was my childhood.  Barefoot and country.  Only way to pick potatoes. 

Linking up with The Fabulous Baby Striblings for Wordless Wednesdays.  Mainly because I have no idea what I am doing/should be doing on the Linking Up thing because I'm 90 years old when it comes to blogging. Also because Mandy would laugh at me for being completely clueless. Maybe she can give me some blog lessons. I probably shouldn't use an old photo for WW but my most recent photos were in my last post.  Meh. 
The fabulous Baby Striblings

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  1. Dude, are you kidding me??? I am so freaking excited!!!!!!!! :))))))