Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flower Power

Since I can't sew and I can mainly only Mod Podge and use the hot glue gun, I tried out some fabric flowers.
Here is my first shot at them.  I am pretty sure I stroked out while making these. Coiled turds of fabric scraps.  At least they were free.  I need to try again. 

So I tried some felt roses.  A little better.  If I had a baby girl, it would be headband mania. Since Miles nor Joey would appreciate me adorning Miles with felt roses, I'll find something to do with them.   The felt was left over from his stocking.  I ended up making about 15 of them with just two sheets of felt.  Here is the tutorial I used. 

Finally, here is a video of my sweet boy.  Goodness gracious being a mommy to Miles gets better every freaking day. 
Come on Christmas!

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