Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet like candy with OCD sprinkles

My sister from another mister, Ashley, at Flashes of Brillance And Long Spans of Mediocrity nominated me for the "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award" about 100 years ago.   Ashley is one of those people that you meet in life, that is a true "bosom buddy".  (Anne of Green Gables-Represent!)   She packed up and moved with her (now) husband and kitties to the Left Coast and I miss her dearly, but I feel like with her blog she's still here in good old TN.  Ashley, I'm thinking a trip this winter/spring 2013???  Daddy and Chef can watch the baby, and we can go stalk celebrities and you can take me on the insider tour of LA.

Here are seven things about myself that people may not really know and then the awesome people I have nominated that have the sweetest blogs.  So much so that it hurts mama's teeth!

1.  I want to renew our vows.  I want a bluegrass band playing, church folding chairs set out, family casseroles in old Corningware dishes as the buffet, pretty vintage sheets as tablecloths, candles in mason jars, white lights carelessly strewn in trees, pictures from my childhood/Joey's childhood, our parents childhood, our grandparents childhood, etc.  Have a game like, "How many peas can you shell" (You can't tell I'm country at all, huh?) Have Aunt Connie play the spoons. Barefoot and breezy. Now if I can talk my mom into having kegs is another story. It was a stretch to get the little bit of wine we had at our wedding. No matter how old I get, I will always have "Pam-A-Lucy" in the front of my mind.  "Wear clean underwear in case you have a wreck."    "Could you not find a coupon for that?" and various other sayings.  
2.   I've always said and had people comment on that I'm a good listener.  I'm not.  I'm just quiet mostly.  Most people aren't quiet.  Now please don't think if you and I have a conversation in the near future, that I'm not listening.  If you are reading this, there is a good chance that I care about you and do listen. Maybe I should delete this one. 
3.   I'm somewhat afraid I may end up like Howard Hughes, but without all the fame and money, just the over the top OCD with cleaniliness.  Good news though, I think having a child is going to snap me out of that.  Our pediatrician said we drew the "short stick" and we just have the sick kid.  I am talking he is sick every other week with a few days in between of healthiness.  If he is this sick with the way I am OCD about sanitation, I give up.  Thank you Miles for saving me thousands of dollars in future therapy but instead I'm spending it now in doctor visits, medications, nebulizers, etc.  Either way. 
4.   I want to learn to play the drums before I die.  You know how you just know you can be great at something, I think this is it for me.  Watch out Neil Peart!  I'd probably get a blister and quit.
5.  I want to work with children.  I DON'T want to teach (my dad was and my sister is a teacher-I know too much-ha ha) and in no way could I work for a daycare, and social work would kill me in so many ways, but maybe do Storybook Time lady, or help teach them to read, or maybe be a Nanny?  I've been batting this around in my head for a few years, and struggle with where to begin. Thoughts anyone?
6.  Continuing the OCD discussion from above.  Since I've had Miles this has lessened a TON, but I used to count road signs.  Silently of course. :) It was awesome if I counted 2 or 4 or 6 together, never odd numbers.  And anything could count as a road sign, including, speed limit signs, mile markers, overpass signs, exit signs, bridge markers, etc.  Maybe I started this to kill time on road trips when I was little? Since I dropped the counting of road signs, the only thing I do close to that is if someone gives me a high five, and it sucks, it has to be done again until it is considered awesome.  BUT it damn well better be awesome by 3, because then we have to do 3 more, and so on.  I am SLINGING buckets of crazy, huh?   
7.   If you watch Modern Family, then you know and probably love "Cam" played by Eric Stonestreet.  My goal is to find me a "Cam" to go shopping with, or come over and watch old movies with. If anyone knows of a "Cam" out there, set me up!  

Here is a list of my most favorite blogs, all being pretty darn sweet.  Check them out! 
  • Amber:  Tennessee Wildcats  I met Amber as she was in Joey's group of friends growing up.  She's a funny, creative and smart lady that also has a beautiful, sweet little girl that is turning one here soon!  That beautiful, sweet little girl will also be dating Miles. 
  • Renee: Inside My Bell Jar     Ah, my little Nay Nay.  One of the kindest people you will meet.  Her creativity inspires me, but then I just get tired and look at her pinterest boards.  Renee also has a beautiful , sweet little girl that will also be dating Miles. She is also just a couple months away from her big first birthday.   
  • Mandy: The Fabulous Baby Striblings  Mandy is one busy blogging mama! Seriously check out her blog, her precious twin toddler babes are truly precious and I love hearing about the parties she plans for them and all their outings.   She is so spunky and fun.  I miss sharing mama stories at work with her. 
  • Stephanie:  Lowe Family  Steph is another super creative mama, that has a newborn girl and toddler boy.  She is always so on trend, I love to see what she's wearing or what she's making.  I miss sharing mama stories as well with her since I'm working from home now.  I need to schedule a baby drop in!  
  • Ok so I don't know this woman from Eve, but after I had Miles, I fell in LOVE with her blog.  Check it out: Dear Baby
Okay, folks. Now it's your turn! Here are the rules:
  1.  Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  2.  Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  3.  Pass the award on to some of your own deserving blog friends.
  4.  Contact those friends and let them know.

Monday, February 6, 2012

5 months

Where has the time gone? It's been a while since I've posted. I have got to do better at keeping this current, if anything to have as a "scrapbook" for Miles.

Miles turned 5 months on Wednesday, February 1st.  I completely forgot to do the onesie photos with his "ties".  I remembered when we were putting him to sleep.  We just held it up beside him.  Close enough, right?  
My sweet, sweet boy and his 5 month photo.
4 months

One week old

At his 4 month appointment last month, he was 27 inches long and 15 pounds. Our little long man!  
We started out trying rice cereal, spoon fed, at the first of January.  It was hit and miss.  He wasn't a big fan.  We then tried carrots, and he loved them.  So, now I add some bananas or apples to his cereal and it's much easier (although still messy).

Carrots, Prunes, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Apples, Pears, Bananas
Sitting Up 
Kicking, kicking, kicking, kicking, stomping, stomping, stomping....
Playdates with Baby Jack
Zerberts &Tickles
The Wonder Pets (Mommy's new favorite as well.)
Flirting with the ladies
Goodnight Moon & Peek-a-who?
Bath time

Green Beans, Peas
How long the bottle warmer takes
Cleaning his neck & ears (Only bad part of bath time)
To be held like a baby (tear...)
Missing a play date with Baby Max and Baby Dex because he was sick. 

Here are some recent photos:

Jack holding Miles hand while he's sleeping. Sweetness overload!

Hanging with Jack
This is Sewwwious!

Carrots & Rice and Bananas

Surfing pose

My loves

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 months old!

I have been M.I.A. for a while, but I'm sure my one reader will be okay.

Went back to work on November 28th.  Hardest thing in the world to leave my sweet love.  
Feels like my heart and stomach are being ripped out of my body every morning when I drop him off. 
I had Joey drop him off last Thursday and Friday, and at least I didn't have breakdowns those days.  
I think he might have to drop him off for a while, and I will pick him up.  
I would LOVE any comments on how to manage work/life better. Just focusing on Christmas Break and a week off.  Baby is not leaving my arms! 

Update since my last post.  The daycare that we were on the waiting list for had a space open up the week before I went back to work!!!  Love this place so much more. Super friendly staff, $13 a week cheaper (hey, it's something), and my instincts just tell me it's better here.  Now I don't have to do any of the following anymore: wash his hands and mine prior to entering room, put on hospital scrub shoes, label each bottle with specific details, or bring bibs.    Best of all, it is less than a mile from our house!!!  
Miles LOVES Mrs. Joyce that is in his room.  I have never heard him laugh like he does with her.  He will crane his neck just to get a look at her, and she doesn't even have to say anything, he just smiles and laughs.  That part hurts but also makes me feel good about this place. 
Mom, where are you going?
Excited about the upcoming holidays and spending time with family.  Miles has his 3 month photos next weekend, so excited!

Now, on to some cute baby love...
1 day old

3 months old!

What a difference 3 months make!
Thrifting with Mommy!
His first birthday party!

Bye Baby Bear!

This boy better call me when he's 30!

I could sop him up with a biscuit!
Just to give you a laugh. Me and all my labor beauty 3 months and 2 days ago!
In between pushing and maybe wanting to kill Joey?
The last of the crafts you will see for a long, long time since I'm back at work.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11 Weeks-Update on Miles Boy Bear

STOP IT Miles.  Stop growing so quick.  So not cool.  Mommy loves you though.

Right now he loves:
His activity gym (He is addicted)
Goodnight Moon
Bumbo (sort of)
Tummy time (sort of, but not really)
Meeting other babies
Morning time 
Bath time (sort of-depends on the day)
Babbling, cooing and laughing
Blowing raspberries

He is eating about 6 oz (give or take) every 3-4 hours and on a size 2 nipple.
He is wearing dead on size 3 months (pants are sometimes too short) or 3-6 months (some 6 months, but the sleeves are too long) but the 0-3's are out the door.  He is wearing a size 2 diaper.

Little bear is LOVING his hands right now and eats them like crazy.  He is also starting to drool a lot.  I'm guessing he could be teething, but even if it started early he could be teething for a while before we even see anything.  So, does this mean we will just be in teething pain land a lot longer?  Hopefully, he just discovered his hands and is soothing himself.
He takes a paci mainly only in his car seat on a drive, but other than that it usually just ticks him off.

He has his first cold right now.  Nothing too terrible (knock on wood) just a lot of congestion.  I am using Saline Spray on him like crazy and running the heck out of his humidifier.

Still mainly sleeping through the night, except the last few nights he's woke up around 2ish/3ish, but I'm thinking his congestion is waking him up. 

We visited Daddy at work so he could show you off.  Here is what you thought of the banking industry:
Mid yawn

Here is you straight chilling in your bumbo.  Regulate comes to mind.  "Just rolling in my ride, chilling all alone".  You said all you are missing is a fly honey around your arm. 
What it do moms?

Fist Pump
Mom, I assume this is the "oh sh#@"  handle?  Kid held on to that link the whole time.

Please ignore daddy's voice and mommy's skanky t-shirt.  HOT

I went to his daycare yesterday to sit in for a few hours with Miles to get a "feel" of the place.  Everything went well and Miles did great around the other babies.  I know the following are complaints from me, and I appreciate why they have them in place, but I also didn't want to add 20 more minutes to my morning.  Enter code to get in building, check in on computer at front desk, before entering infant room slip on hospital scrub shoes, wash my hands, wash Miles hands (that should be fun with a 3 month old), check in on the clipboard once in the room, give them a run down of his morning so far, load stuff up in his cubby and leave little one in the care of strangers.  Also fill out labels of his full name, date and contents on each bottle I bring.  What ever happened to writing Miles on it with a sharpie?  I know, I know, it's for his own good.   I know what I'm complaining about is for his safety, and I LOVE that.  I just have to find something to complain about, right?    

There are 3 girls and 5 boys in his room.  The youngest is a 5 month old, so Miles is the baby.  One of the girls is almost a year so she will be leaving to go to the next room soon.  Good thing because she is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  At least he will get used to loud noises and lots of activity.  His crib is right by where all the cubbies are and the door, and as I type this that kind of bothers me.  He's the latest one to join the infant room, so I can't ask him to be moved around.  Oh, get over it Julie.

Please send good vibes, prayers, what have you for me as I go back to work on November 28th.  I have a feeling it is going to be bad as I cried the other day when I took him to daycare just to sit in the room to observe.   Sure wish it was 1950 and a family could make it on one salary.

Without the heels though. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flower Power

Since I can't sew and I can mainly only Mod Podge and use the hot glue gun, I tried out some fabric flowers.
Here is my first shot at them.  I am pretty sure I stroked out while making these. Coiled turds of fabric scraps.  At least they were free.  I need to try again. 

So I tried some felt roses.  A little better.  If I had a baby girl, it would be headband mania. Since Miles nor Joey would appreciate me adorning Miles with felt roses, I'll find something to do with them.   The felt was left over from his stocking.  I ended up making about 15 of them with just two sheets of felt.  Here is the tutorial I used. 

Finally, here is a video of my sweet boy.  Goodness gracious being a mommy to Miles gets better every freaking day. 
Come on Christmas!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wordless (Kind of) Wednesday-Potato picking

Me (yellow shirt), my sister and my Paw-Paw, Miles Head.  He would LOVE that Miles was named after him if he were still with us.  This is us in the summer helping Paw-Paw pick potatoes.  I look like, well, gross, but I love this pic.  This was my childhood.  Barefoot and country.  Only way to pick potatoes. 

Linking up with The Fabulous Baby Striblings for Wordless Wednesdays.  Mainly because I have no idea what I am doing/should be doing on the Linking Up thing because I'm 90 years old when it comes to blogging. Also because Mandy would laugh at me for being completely clueless. Maybe she can give me some blog lessons. I probably shouldn't use an old photo for WW but my most recent photos were in my last post.  Meh. 
The fabulous Baby Striblings

What's old is new again and tearful Tuesday

Joey's mom got out and gave/lent (lol-I need to confirm) us some of Joey's precious baby clothes.  I am over the moon!  She kept these in pristine condition.  Way to go Terri!

Check em' out:
Should I hand wash or delicate in the washer?  Thoughts?

Hoping & praying this isn't too little for him this summer!

I LOVE all the overalls, especially the crayon one.

I've had a tearful day, just holding him and crying about going back to work.  How can I leave this?   I'm not a very spiritual person-please pray for me!

Another project/turned disaster.  More on this later (maybe).  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

She's Crafty & She's Just My Type & Tag Along Blog Hop

Linking up with Miss Mommy for Tag Along Thursday Blog Hop.
LOVE finding more fun blogs to read and help inspire me.  Now if I could just stop reading them all.....

Did a lot of thrifting and Christmas Sampler with the girls today. So fun and so tired....

Here are some of my recent arts and crafts. I'm going to miss you maternity leave. You brought my mojo back.

My kitchen exploded.

Love how they turned out!

Still have to paint the unfinished hoops, and glue fabric in.  Playing around with it for now.  Get rid of the G? Paint the G? Different fabric on the G and attach where it is?  This now makes me think of Misses G (Garrison) from Facts of Life.  Also, holler at my gross carpet. Yum.
Goodwill Pillowcases for 50 cents and Embroidery Hoop from Hobby Lobby.

The cheapest things I have ever made. They could also look cheap and I'm just clueless. Tell me if they do.  No, don't tell me if they do. Best $3 I've ever spent. Well, besides a Dr. Pepper & Reese's Cups

Can't. Stop. Buying. 99 cent. Frames. @. Goodwill.
Especially on Half Off Day.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 month well visit & Halloween

Miles had his 2 month well visit yesterday, along with some fun shots. He weighs 12.4 lbs (80 percentile), and 23.5 in length (75 percentile). His head circumfrence is 15.7 in.  He is doing great and loves to flirt with the nurses already.
Hi Dr. Kirshner

So happy to be 2 months old!

Mom-See where Dad cut my skin while clipping my nails?  At least it wasn't on Mom's watch. 

I call this, "Judging Mom"

For Halloween, we went to my sisters house on Garner Street to watch all of the craziness of Halloween in Springfield.  At least I had a sheriff to keep things in order.  Here are some pics from the fun night!
With my cousin Laura Beth

I tip my hat to a lady.  Of course, later, Dad said he needs to edit out his thumb.  Gutter husband.
Over it. 

I'm the law around these parts...are we sick of the sheriff liners yet?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

8 weeks old today!

Miles, my sweet boy, you are 8 weeks old today.  I tortured you with the camera, as always.  Love you boomba.