Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 months old!

I have been M.I.A. for a while, but I'm sure my one reader will be okay.

Went back to work on November 28th.  Hardest thing in the world to leave my sweet love.  
Feels like my heart and stomach are being ripped out of my body every morning when I drop him off. 
I had Joey drop him off last Thursday and Friday, and at least I didn't have breakdowns those days.  
I think he might have to drop him off for a while, and I will pick him up.  
I would LOVE any comments on how to manage work/life better. Just focusing on Christmas Break and a week off.  Baby is not leaving my arms! 

Update since my last post.  The daycare that we were on the waiting list for had a space open up the week before I went back to work!!!  Love this place so much more. Super friendly staff, $13 a week cheaper (hey, it's something), and my instincts just tell me it's better here.  Now I don't have to do any of the following anymore: wash his hands and mine prior to entering room, put on hospital scrub shoes, label each bottle with specific details, or bring bibs.    Best of all, it is less than a mile from our house!!!  
Miles LOVES Mrs. Joyce that is in his room.  I have never heard him laugh like he does with her.  He will crane his neck just to get a look at her, and she doesn't even have to say anything, he just smiles and laughs.  That part hurts but also makes me feel good about this place. 
Mom, where are you going?
Excited about the upcoming holidays and spending time with family.  Miles has his 3 month photos next weekend, so excited!

Now, on to some cute baby love...
1 day old

3 months old!

What a difference 3 months make!
Thrifting with Mommy!
His first birthday party!

Bye Baby Bear!

This boy better call me when he's 30!

I could sop him up with a biscuit!
Just to give you a laugh. Me and all my labor beauty 3 months and 2 days ago!
In between pushing and maybe wanting to kill Joey?
The last of the crafts you will see for a long, long time since I'm back at work.  

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